The Right Tool

Nov 24, 2015

About twenty three years ago my father placed my grandfather’s beloved Leica SL2 film camera in my hands. I affectionately call that camera my greatest teacher. Through its viewfinder I learned about composition, light and shadow patterns, luminance and how different the world is when we pause to focus our attention as well as a camera.  The minimal controls and metal-loop light meter forced me to make correct exposure choices at an age when I could have cruised along with auto-everything. Those early years learning from the venerable SL2 left me feeling uninspired by the fifty or so whiz-bang cameras I’ve worked with since.  Until now……. Leica’s latest release is the SL, a digital version that evokes the classic SL2 and fills the space between the S and M system cameras. The new SL offers auto-everything but pros will appreciate the old-school simplicity.  Photographing with the SL is a return to capturing what YOU see from within, not what or how the camera thinks you see.  Those are two very different things and the SL gets it right.

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