Santa Fe and Los Angeles based Cira Crowell, founder of InLightWorks Productions, is a fine art photographer, mountaineer, philanthropist, and executive producer whose initial film Dream Mountain won “Best Mountainfilm” at the London Mountainfilm Festival and has appeared in 14 top-tier international festivals including seven Mountainfilm Alliance festivals, in Nepal, Italy, France, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Nepal and Poland. Dream Mountain has also been chosen for the esteemed Banff Mountainfilm Festival World Tour reaching audiences in 40 countries over the next three years. Three of Cira’s Dream Mountain prints were recently purchased for the Leica Camera USA corporate collection and reside in their new corporate offices.

Cira began taking pictures 30 years ago with a Leicaflex SL2 film camera that once belonged to her grandfather. Her passion for photography and Leica has continued as she travels internationally photographing some of the world’s most engaging natural and urban landscapes. She has spent much of her career working at very high altitude, including trekking nearly 2,000 miles in Nepal and summiting four technical Himalayan peaks over 20,000 feet (6,000m+). She also summited India’s highest mountain, the otherworldly 8,586m /28,269ft Kangchenjunga. Cira has been a dedicated Leica photographer since she was 18 and has created her professional work using the S, SL, M, Q, CL and R systems. Her photographs have been exhibited worldwide, most recently at the Leica Gallery in Los Angeles.

Cira earned her M.A. from SCAD and enjoys teaching advanced black and white photography annually at Santa Fe Photographic Workshops. Her work has been exhibited Leica Gallery Los Angeles, the Robert Berman Gallery, Santa Monica, California, Mountainfilm on Tour Savannah, Nepal Tourism Board and Tibet House: US, New York, among others. She has also published four books of her photographs, with Beautiful Resilience: The Enduring Spirit of Upper Gorkha NepalEnvisioning Ecstasy, and 108 Visions: Ladakh During the Kalachakra created to raise awareness and support humanitarian projects including Nomads Clinic, Tibet House USLittle Suns and GearsForGirls. As a fine artist Cira creates new media drawings and projected animations. This work has been exhibited across the United States. 


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Image: On the summit of Imja Tse, by Pasang Lhamu Sherpa Akita, 2022
Image: Crossing Renjo-La with Cholatse, by Pasang Lhamu Sherpa Akita, 2019

“Frames per Second: A Decade of Shaping Moments that Matter” Exhibition celebrating the 10th Anniversary of Leica Store and Gallery LA, October 19 – November 30, 2023
Leica Gallery Los Angeles + Leica Women Foto Project “Dream Mountain,” March 8 – April 3, 2022
Kathmandu International Film Festival/Photo Exhibition, Kathmandu, Nepal: “Dreaming of Dream Mountain,” 2021
Mountainfilm On Tour/Savannah, “Luminous Everest,” 2019
Dolpo Tulku Charitable Trust/Frankfurt, Germany: “Mysterious Himalaya: Impressions of Dolpo,” 2017
Leica Gallery LA/Los Angeles: “Broad Strokes,” 2016
Tibet House US/New York: “Envisioning Ecstasy,” 2015
Currents New Media Festival/Santa Fe, New Mexico: “Turning Thought,” 2013
Robert Berman Gallery/Santa Monica: “InLight” Solo Exhibition, 2012
Currents New Media Festival/Santa Fe, New Mexico: “Prana” projected animation, 2012
Orange County Center for Contemporary Art: “Prana” launched animation, 2012
William Turner Gallery/Pacific Standard Time/Santa Monica: “Ed’s Party: Spheres of Influence,” “Duality” illustration, 2012
Red Dot Art Fair, Art/Basel Miami, projected animation, 2009
Eileen Braziel Fine Art/Santa Fe: “Fall Show,” projected animation, 2009
River Oaks Arts Center/Alexandria, Solo Exhibition, 2003

Santa Fe Workshops Instructor Series Presentation, “Lessons In Dreaming” July 24, 2023
Santa Fe Workshops Instructor Series Presentation, “Gifts of Kangchenjunga” July 11, 2022
Santa Fe Workshops Instructor Series Presentation. “Making the Dream Real” July 2021
Leica Gallery Los Angeles + Leica Women Foto Project: Screening of Dream Mountain, plus Artist’s Talk “Making the Dream Real,” March 30, 2022
Banff World Tour/Salt Lake City, Introduction and Screening of “Dream Mountain” 2022
Santa Fe Film Festival, Artist’s Talk, “Making the Dream Real” 2022
Leica Store LA: IG Live Interview, 2020
ASMP/NM Artist’s Talk, “Project Spotlight: Making the Dream Real” March 8, 2021
Leica LA: Coffee, Cameras and Conversation with Cira Crowell: “Sharing the Light” 2016
Collected Works Bookstore Launch and Artist’s Talk: “Beautiful Resilience: The Enduring Spirit of Upper Gorkha Nepal” 2015

Film Tours and Festivals:
“Best Mountain Film,” London Mountain Film Festival, Worldwide Premiere, United Kingdom, 2020
Banff World Tour, International, 2022
Kendal On Tour, United Kingdom, 2022
Coast Film Festival, United States, 2022
Femmes En Montaigne, France, 2022
Bansko Mountain Film Festival, Bulgaria, 2022
Cine Montagne, France, 2022
Frontier Sapiens, United Kingdom, 2022
No Mans Land Tour, United States, 2022
Breck Mountain Film Festival 2022
Big Sky Documentary Film Festival, United States, 2022
Krakow Mountain Festival, Poland, 2020
London Mountain Film Festival, United Kingdom, 2020
New Zealand Mountain Film Festival, New Zealand, 2020
Wasatch Mountain Film Festival, United States, 2022
Autrans International Mountain Film Festival, France, 2021
Graz Mountain Film Festival, Switzerland, 2021
Kathmandu International Mountain Film Festival, Nepal, 2021
Kendal Mountain Festival, United Kingdom, 2021
Santa Fe Film Festival, United States, 2021
Trento Film Festival, Italy, 2021

Corporate Collection
Leica Camera USA

Not For Profit
The Georgia O’Keeffe Museum, Board of Directors 2023
DS Foundation, 2020
Dolpo Tulku Charitable Trust, 2018
Nomads Clinic, Dolpa, Nepal, 2017
Explorers Club, 2017
Little Suns Solar Lights, 2017
Nomads Clinic, Dolpa, Nepal, 2016
Nomads Clinic, Dolpa, Nepal, 2015
Tibet House US/New York, 2015
Tibet House US/Menla Retreat Center, 2015
Nomads Clinic, Gorkha, Nepal, 2013
Upaya Zen Center, 2010-2017
The Georgia O’Keeffe Museum, Board of Directors and National Council, 2007-2015

High Altitude Experience
MERA – 21,247ft/3,488m, Nepal – Summited December 1, 2023
MANASLU – mountain closed due to avalanches, reached Camp III, 23,000ft, October 2022
KANGCHENJUNGA – 28,169ft/8,586m Nepal (Third highest mountain in the world) – Summited May 6, 2022
IMJA TSE – 20,210ft/6,160m, Nepal – Summited April 27, 2022
LOBUCHE – 20,075ft/6,145m, Nepal – Summited November 20, 2021
CHOLATSE – 21,130ft/6,446m, Nepal – Summited November 14, 2019
FUJI – 12,388ft/3,776m, Japan – Summited September 15, 2015
RAINIER – 14,411ft/4,392m, United States – Summited July 8, 2013
Trekked over 1,988m/3,200km, including numerous 17,000ft+ passes Nepal, 2013-2022

UPCOMING: Santa Fe Workshops, “The Language of Black and White,” JUNE 24-28, 2024  CLASS FULL – CONTACT SFW ABOUT AVALABILITY OR QUESTIONS
Santa Fe Workshops, “The Language of Black and White,” Sponsored by Leica Camera, July 24-28, 2023
Santa Fe Workshops, “The Language of Black And White,” Sponsored by Leica Camera, July 11-15, 2022
Kathmandu International Film Festival: Masterclass, “Making the Dream Real,” 2021
Santa Fe Workshops, “The Language of Black and White,” 2021
Santa Fe Photographic Workshops, “The Language of Black and White,” 2020
Santa Fe Photographic Workshops, “The Language of Black and White,” 2019
Santa Fe Photographic Workshops, “The Language of Black and White,” 2018
Palm Springs Photo Festival: Cira Crowell: “Nepal Illuminated: New Technology in the High Himalaya,” 2018

Professional Affiliations
American Society of Media Photographers
Leica Historical Society of America

MA Savannah College of Art and Design

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