Entering New Realms

Aug 1, 2015

Magnificent waterfalls dance down faces of the deep gorges in Nepal.  It is often said they are the entrances to sacred areas. In truth, all of the Himalayas are a sacred region…

This waterfall near the village of Arkhet Bazaar marked the beginning and end of our trek with the Nomads Clinic deep into the Gorkha District in the autumn of 2013.  I am sharing it here to mark the beginning of my journey into color.

The colors of Nepal range from near-florescent green lowland rice paddies to infinite cerulean skies above the highest mountains on earth.  Black and white photography celebrates the sublime patterns of light across the land, but there is a sacredness to the interplay of hues in the Himalayas.

The rainbow is a vibrant symbol in Tibetan Buddhism, at the heart of Himalayan culture.  This universal representation of beauty and ephemerality is merely the polychromatic interplay of water and light.  And so with a waterfall, a rainbow and a new book, Beautiful Resilience, I enter the realm of color.

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