Luminous Everest

Luminous Everest is a collection of black and white images of Everest made over three years of trekking in the Khumbu region, Nepal. The cover is a hundred and fifty-mile panorama of the Everest Range wrapping around the interior and exterior. The book has a hand-stitched binding similar to traditional red thread mala prayer bracelets with the intention that the book elevates and inspires, as does Mt. Everest, which exists in both ice and imagination. Images by Cira Crowell, 11×17, 2019. Book design by Michael Motley.

Luminous Everest is offered in a special edition of 12 during the exhibition of “Luminous Everest” at Mountainfilm on Tour Savannah 2019. For more information please contact us.

108 Visions: Ladakh During the Kalachakra

108 Visions: Ladakh During the Kalachakra reveals a photographic pilgrimage to the remote Himalayan kingdom of Ladakh, India during the ancient Kalachakra ceremony. Images by Cira Crowell, Clothbound, 10×14, 2015. Book design by Michael Motley.

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Envisioning Ecstasy

Envisioning Ecstasy is a show catalog for a coincidental photographic collaboration in Ladakh, India by two Leica M photographers, Cira Crowell and Christopher Prentiss Michel. Show at Tibet House US, May 20 – June 26, 2015.  Paperback, 10×14, 2015. Book Design By Michael Motley.

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Beautiful Resilience : The Enduring Spirit of Upper Gorkha Nepal

Beautiful Resilience is a poignant reflection on the culture and people of Upper Gorkha, Nepal before the tragic Gorkha Quake of April 2015. All proceeds will benefit the Upaya Quake Relief Fund. Cira Crowell, Paperback, 10×14, 176 pages, 2015. Book design by Michael Motley.