Leica, A Way of Life

Aug 31, 2017

A rare balance of tradition and modernity, precision and passion… My grandfather purchased his first Leics IIIC in 1936 and for three generations my family has turned to Leica for optics. I learned photography on my his Leicaflex SL2, continuing his passion even after his passing. Today I still use many of the same lenses he treasured. So it was with tremendous appreciation and sentiment that I visited the Leica factory in Wetzlar, Germany. Museum cases show the entire range of production. It was amazing to see how many of the cameras were a part of our family life. Point and shoots to medium format, thread mount lenses to mirrorless, binoculars, scopes and beyond were under the Christmas tree, carried in the field, on vacations, making records of holidays and major life events as well as shared experiences over the past eight decades. Looking back through our family albums is a look back through the many lenses of Leica.
Ten years of my professional photographic life have been graced by gear “Made In Wetzlar.” For me, every day is a day using or working with Leica.  A camera should be an extention of your eye, your hand, your mind, your soul.  I am grateful for this company that treasures it’s craft as well as technicality, integrating 80 year old heritage lenses with the latest cameras.
Leica is a way of seeing, a way of awareness, a way of reflecting the amazing world we share. It is not too much to say it is a way of life.
In Light,

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