Radiant Japan

Mar 30, 2018

Japan is necessarily not a country known for its quality of light… and yet it is radiant. Light shifts across the landscape, through glass and steel canyons of Ginza to play in patterns between torii gates in Kyoto before ascending the summit of Mt. Fuji at sunset. There are shining sacred mirrors in the heart of Shinto shrines and swaying paper lanterns to welcome evening conviviality. In Japan, the color of sunlight is culturally accepted as red, Aka, and truly, the land of the rising sun is illuminated from an ancient source of history and wisdom, even in the glare of Shinjuku’s LED’s. ┬áThe past month in Japan was a lesson in the variations of radiance.

Image: The iconic view over Fujiyoshida from Chureito Pagoda to sacred Mt. Fuji.

In Light,