Santa Fe Reporter Announcement

Dec 12, 2019

Photo ad features Santa Fe

Santa Fe, NM-based photographer Cira Crowell is in training for her next photography project. That’s not dark-room work; it’s daily interval trail running at 8,000 feet above sea level with a fully-loaded pack plus hiking up to 12,000-elevation weekly. That’s because her next project will take her back to Nepal (she’s trekked more than 800 miles in the Himalayas) to capture Mount Everest beyond its westernized image for the project “Envisioning Everest.” “I’m really acclimatized by living at this elevation, and that’s an important part of the training,” Crowell tells Gear Patrol magazine in a Leica-sponsored feature on her work. Yes, that’s paid content, aka an ad for Leica, but it also features wonderful photography and video of Crowell, her work and Santa Fe.

Santa Fe Reporter Announcement


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